From the Grand-Hornu mining site to the Pass site | Cycling trails in Wallonia

  • From the Grand-Hornu mining site to the Pass site | Cycling trails in Wallonia
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This cycling trail, accessible to all levels, makes the link between two important cultural sites in the region of Mons.

The region features "Bikes welcome" touristic sites and lodgings.

The starting point is prestigious to say the least.

The Grand-Hornu mining site, listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site, is a real gem of the XIXth century European industrial heritage. It now also is one of the most important galleries of contemporary art.

You will find the RAVel as you pass the paved streets outside the mining site. A little further, the green belt is decorated with sculptures: at Bossu, art is part of the city. You will then go through a former industrial region, the heaps and mining shaft the only remaining witnesses of that era.

Cycling through, you will be surprised how green the landscape is. Further one you will find another RAVel path, then another: the Borinage was, at the time, crossed by a full railway network, used to transport the coal extracted from the mines. These have been converted into green belts, delighting hikers and cyclists alike. You will get to the Pass, a science adventure park where yesterday and tomorrow meet. The region believes in the future!

Good to know

You can discover Mons and its regions thanks to themed trails such as the Van Gogh, the Unesco, the memorial trails or even the itinerary presenting the historical heart of Mons.

Type of road

RAVel only

Type of bike

VTC bike


An easy 14 km loop


From 8 y.o.


From the Grand-Hornu mining site, take the paved Henri Degorge street on your right. Go around the site through the rue des arts. Turn right though the Allée verte. The RAVel starts on your right a 100 mn from there.


Follow the RAVel L98c signs


At the Grand-Hornu mining site




Information on the walk




Minimum distance14 Km


Minimum duration1:00


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