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  • Bike ride - nature - Wallonie - outdoors - Wellin - Lesse
  • Bike ride - nature - Wallonie - outdoors - Wellin - Maria bridge
  • Bike ride - nature - Wallonie - outdoors - Wellin - Maria bridge
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Enjoy an easy, pleasant bike ride in the Haute-Lesse region, through woodlands by the Lesse river, at the very heart of the Ardenne.

Off you go. Can you hear the whisper of the nearby river, the song of the birds? Cycling along the Lesse simply is exhilarating. From its source on the Paliseul plateau, it will wander gently through an unpopulated area. Pollutions seem so far away from this side of the Ardenne. Travelling by its side is quite soothing

The former tramway tracks, which linked Wellin to Graide until 1958, have now been turned into a green belt, delighting both hikers and cyclists. A little after the road leading to Daverdisse, you will go through a forest, this time along the Large, a tributary to the Lesse.

Once you get to the wooden bridge, you will see the hamlet of Gembes in the distance: a peaceful and serene place, as if the woodlands had protected it from the outside world.

Good to know

PICVerts is a local coherent network of roads for non-motorised travellers (green belts, paths, trails): a perfect complement to the RAVel.

Practical information

Type of road

RAVel, on gravel roads

Type of bike

VTC bike


An easy, separate trail, 26 km in total


From 8 y.o.


In Neupont, from the rue Les Glaumonts. Arrival at Pont des Rives in Porcheresse


Follow the blue signs indicating the PICVerts network.


Rue des Glands and along the Pierre Napoléon Bonaparte road.


Information on the walk




Minimum distance26 Km


Minimum duration2:00
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