Cycling is popular in Wallonia, filled with arguably the greatest variety and most wonderful cycling the country has to offer.

This diversity stems from overturning a misperception, namely that Belgian cycling is all about pancake-flat riding. Of course, there are routes and rides where the gradient barely tips over 0.5%, which is perfect for sightseeing and a chilled-out day in the saddle.

But Wallonia also provides hilly terrain for those of you looking to build stamina and test your mettle.

Breathtaking regioanl routes with RAVeL

Walloon's RAVeL cycle network is a feat of engineering, linking the most beautiful areas of the region via some truly breathtaking routes. It stretches 1,350km and features 45 routes.

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  • W1: Dendre and Hauts-Pays, Grammont to Les Honnelles - 72km
  • W3: The Carnival of Binche Route, Tubize to Chimay - 111km
  • W4: Canals, Waterways and Rivers. Leers-Nord to Anhee - 188km
  • W6: Over the Water, Chaudfontaine to Erquelinnes - 164km

Belgian Brew, with international flavour

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Two cosmopolitan itineraries with hearts inthe Walloon region that also reach out to other countries.

  • Eurovelo 3: The Pilgrims' Route
  • Eurovelo 5: The Via Remea Francigena 

Variety on the Vennbahn

The Vennbahn self guided cycling holiday showcases the best the walloon region has to offer.

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  • Day 1: Eupen to St Vith - 59km
  • Day 2: St Vith to Clervaux - 32 or 50 km
  • Day 3: Clervaux to Butgenbach - 65km
  • Day 4: Butgenbach to Monshcau - 38km
  • Day 5: Monscheau to Maastricht - 60 or 75 km

Meander on the Meuse

The Renowned International Eurovelo 19 should be on your cycling bucketlist, whatever your experience or ability.

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  • Maastricht to Liege
  • Liege to Namur
  • Namur to Dinant
  • Dinant to Haybes

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Cycling Guide To Wallonia

Wallonia by Bike
Cycling is popular in all three regions of Belgium. But it’s Wallonia, the southern and French-speaking part of Belgium, that’s filled with arguably the greatest variety and most wonderful cycling our country has to offer.

Wallonia By Bike

If you’re planning a cycle trip to Belgium, Wallonia By Bike contains 45 possible tours, along with suggestions for themed circuits, regional and international long-distance routes, intersection-point networks, routes for the more athletic cyclists and a useful calendar of events with practical information.

Cycling in East Belgium

Cycling in the ‘Haute Fagnes’, Belgium's Wild Place. There's nothing quite like it anywhere else in Belgium. This high plateau above Spa, some of which is protected as a nature reserve, extends eastwards beyond the German border, and includes the vast forest of Hertogenwald. 850 km of cycle paths, 17 themed itineraries and a former railway line converted into a cycle path crossing 3 countries through fascinating countryside. The choice is yours.

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Cycling Guide To Wallonia