Electronically assisted bicycles, or ‘e-bikes’, are becoming increasingly popular and will help you make the most of a cycle ride in Wallonia – especially if you need a little help from electricity on the steeper climbs.

Easy to ride uphill, comfortable to use and ideal for bringing different generations together, the e-bike is a real asset for low-impact tourism. Travel along signposted trails adapted to suit cyclists of all abilities. Try out the pleasures of e-biking and enjoy a spot of two-wheeled tourism in Wallonia – even if you’re not a dedicated cyclist.

The Ardennes e-Bike network

The Ardennes e-Bike network provides electric bike hire in the province of Luxembourg from various pick-up points, starting at €15 including insurance and breakdown cover.

Special weekly rates and package deals are also available.

Ardenne e-bike.be

The e-Bike network in the East Cantons

A network of 17 rental outlets in eastern Wallonia offers the latest models of electric bikes for hire, by the day or half-day, costing from €15.

Reservations can be made for groups as well as individuals.

Full operating instructions are provided, as well as maps and suggested itineraries and good places to visit along the way.

You can also get special three-day e-bike deals on two of the routes.

Agence de Tourisme des Cantons de l'Est de la Belgique


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