Wallonia has a number of cycle routes linked to each other by intersections, known locally as points-noeuds. Already well known in the Netherlands and Flanders, Wallonia is developing the intersecting network fast.

‘Points-noeuds’ help cyclists create an itinerary to suit themselves, according to their capabilities. A simple system of numbers and signposts at each intersection makes the different routes easy to follow. It also allows cyclists to alter their itinerary at the midway point, just as the fancy takes them. Discover themed routes that lead from one intersection to another.

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The Walloon Picardy network (WAPI)

This is one of the largest node networks in Wallonia: it stretches through no less than 23 communes. The perfect way for nature lovers to explore the province of Hainaut.

© Anne Stelen

The Famenne network

This cycling network, covering the communes of Durbuy, Hotton, Marche-en-Famenne, Nassogne, Rochefort et Somme-Leuze, includes RAVel segments, countryside roads and eoodlands dry stone paths. The region is sure to enchant you…

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The Eastern Cantons network (Vélo Tour)

Stunning landscapes guaranteed and rides for all levels, from easy to sporty. Even better: the local operators offer a wide range of excursions. You’re sure to find one fit to your needs.

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The Chimay and Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse network (1000 Bornes à vélo)

This cycling network mostly uses slow lanes. Think RAVel, peaceful countryside and forest paths… A fantastic way to soothe the mind and spend the day outdoors.


The Hainaut network (Vhello)

Quite a network as it links the most iconic touristic points in 24 communes. Its themed itineraries cover the UNESCO sites, castles and museum, rides along the water…

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The Walloon Braban network

This impressive set of cycling paths links up to those in Flanders, Hainaut, Liège and Namur. There are superb trails though the countryside to choose from.

The Liège network

Connecting easily with the border regions, this network offers a lovely choice of itineraries: relaxed family bike rides, challenges for sports lovers, adventure stretching over several days… There is something for everyone!

©  WBT - Olivier Legardien

The Saint-Pierre mountain network, between the Geer and Meuse valleys

The Saint-Pierre mountain is located between Liège and Maastricht – right by the border linking Wallonia with the Netherlands and Flanders. This network, 80 km in total, goes through the communes of Maastricht, Riemst, Eijsden, Bassenge, Oupeye and Visé.

 Walk along the Semois in the village of Chassepierre© Commune Florenville

The Cyruse network

This 43 km network, composed of loops using slow lanes, explores the countryside of the Gaume region via the communes of Habay, Tintigny et Etalle.

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