Practical information for cyclists

Where to rent a bike in Wallonia, get it fixed, find the perfect app, find bike-friendly locations... This is the perfect page for cyclists to find the information they need.

Cycling apps to stay connected on the road in Wallonia

Start with websites such as Randobel, Cirkwi, Sitytrail, Sitytour... where you can download your cycling itineraries prior to your trip. Make sure you download a few mobile apps too, quite practical when you're on the road. These, all free, reveal the full beauty of the South West of Belgium:

Hainaut Rando offers a wide range of touristic itineraries in the Hainaut province.

Explore Val de Lesse cycling trails are perfect if you are planning to cycle through the communes of Beauraing, Houyet and Rochefort

The Rando Around Villers-la-Ville app will give you all the information you need to start exploring the region around Villers-la-Ville whether hiking, cycling or horse riding.

Campagne en Poche, put together by Accueil champêtre en Wallonia, has wonderful tips about your excursions in the Walloon countryside.

Look out for the Access-i, designed for travellers with reduced mobility.

Access-i makes it easy, via a colourful pictogram, to identify how accessible a building, site, leisure centre or event is for each traveller category.

Passionate about the wheel, Wallonia is constantly motivated to welcome all cyclists to Wallonia – whether its for lodgings, museums or tourist attractions.

Discover the Access-i locations in Wallonia.