Download beer, wine and spirit routes in Wallonia

Attention all beer lovers! Wallonia has created a thematic beer route that takes you to no fewer than 65 breweries.

Some of our locally-produced beers are world famous; others are less well known or highly unusual, but they don’t suffer anything in comparison. How many will you try during your visit?

Discover the Wallonia Beer Route


Wallonia’s wine and spirits industry is expanding rapidly, and the best way to track down the best of them is to follow our Wine and Spirits Route.

Everything from effervescent, tranquil, white or red wines to fiery spirits such as pekèt or maitrank, 100 per cent Belgian whisky of the famous Eau de Villée: there’s something for everyone who enjoys a tipple.

Discover the Wine and Spirits Route 

Wallonia Wine And Spirits Route

Couple, in the Le Clos des Prébendiers vineyard in Huy, raising a toast
Belgians are great lovers of wines and spirits which they like to associate with the culinary arts and also with cultural and social exchanges.