Brasserie de Cazeau in Tournai

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The Brasserie de Cazeau, a family brewery, invites you to try their craft beer, full of character.

Authenticity in the brewing process

The Brasserie de Cazeau is a family brewery dating back to 1753. Its 5 craft beers are unfiltered, free of preservatives and all get a second bottle refermentation.

It also is in this small brewery that the "Tournay" is created: a golden lager, using natural ingredients and based on a high fermentation process.

A renowned beer

The 5 beers of the brewery won several awards: Gold winner of the Brussels Beer Challenge in 2013 (Saison Cazeau) – Gold Winner of the Concours International de Lyon (Saison Cazeau, Tournay Noire, Tournay Blonde, Tournay Triple), best stout in 2014 at the Best Belgian Beer (Tournay Noire)


Free guided tours organized for the brewery’s Open Doors day, end of June



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