Scourmont Abbey | Gourmet discovery in Chimay

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Find out more about making Chimay Trappist beers and cheeses. Discover the Abbey of Scourmont, located on a plateau near Chimay.

Origin of the Abbey

Go on a journey in the past and go back to 1850, when at that time a small group of monks came to settle on the wild plateau of Scourmont, near Chimay. The monks built a monastery of great beauty and developed a farm, a brewery and a cheese factory.

Don't miss!

Take time to admire and visit this beautiful church. Lose yourself in the beautiful garden of the Abbey which is accessible to the public. Discover a few steps from the Abbey of Scourmont, the Chimay Experience which offers a visit on the making of beers and Trappist cheeses of Chimay.

Follow the history and origins of the Trappists!

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