The Brasserie Scassenes

  •  Brasserie d'Ecaussines
  • Brewery

Fancy trying a craft beer in the setting of a beautiful castle-farm? Come and visit the Ecaussinnes Brewery, the brewery has much to offer.

  • A craft brewery set in a castle-farm
  • Help organising banquets and seminars
  • The Taverne de l'Ultra

The brewery found its home in a castle-farm, oozing with rustic charm. The historical buildings invite you to travel through time... tasting included, of course!
The Ecaussinnes Brewery also features a space perfect for receptions and seminars.
Easy access and parking, hotels within close reach, 420 seats (possibility of increasing capacity), fully equipped. You are free to choose the caterer for the event.

The Taverne de l'Ultra can welcome up to 100 guests. The terrace overlooks the soothing green landscape of the region. The Taverne de l'Ultra is the perfect place forto taste craft beers or enjoy recipes using beer as one of the ingredients.

The Brasserie Scassenes will welcome you warmly - whether for a tasting, a seminar or a celebration.



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  • Cafe
  • Shop
  • Parking
  • Car parking
  • Cycle rack
  • Restaurant


    Pets allowed


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