In a country where there were once more breweries than churches, you will find in Wallonia: Lambic, Gueuze, Saison, Abbey and Trappist... One for every mood!

Abbey breweries, nestled in stunning buildings surrounded by peaceful countryside, will make you feel like time has stopped. Add to this micro and traditional breweries...  To meet our wonderful artisans and learn a few secrets from them, make sure to have a look at our beer routes exploring the South of Belgium.

Our passionate master brewers all have their own way of infusing a brew with bespoke flavours... Expect to be wowed at each tasting! You will find their welcome is as generous as their beers.



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  • L'Espace Chimay: discover how Trappist beer is made

    L'Espace Chimay: discover how Trappist beer is made

    L'Espace Chimay, dedicated to Chimay cheese and beer, presents the Chimay Experience, an interactive visit of the brewery. To be consumed with no moderation!