Wallonia: Region of Rich New Experiences

Go on a journey of discovery to savour Wallonia’s culinary heritage.

Wallonia’s distinctive cuisine is the result of the successful combination of the flavours and ingredients introduced over the years by the many different cultures that have passed through the region, and left their imprint on it.

As you travel around southern Belgium, you’ll find some tasty recipes to try out at home, a staggering range of world-famous beers and some surprising facts about Belgian gastronomy - not least its know-how when it comes to producing fabulous chocolates.

Walloon gastronomy is built on a foundation of richness, authenticity and the unique ‘saveurs’ – tastes and flavours produced by blending the old with the new, the local with the cosmopolitan.

Planning to travel around the south of Belgium soon?

There are wonderful bars, restaurants, local markets in village or town, and places where you can eat simply and inexpensively, and the menu features essentially local specialities. This is what our French neighbours have christened the cuisine of the ‘terroir’. But in Wallonia, ‘terroir’ is not restricted to geographical location, or climate, or the soil, or even what is beneath the ground. Here we understand the soil, but for us, ‘terroir’ is above all a human concept.

Trappist beer by the fireplace - bliss

Once you get to know the flavours of Wallonia you will never forget them, because they are unique. The unfortunate person who has never sipped an Orval beer on a rainy day in autumn, sitting  beside a warm fireplace,  elbow resting on an ancient wooden table, wearing a sopping sweater after a walk in the beating rain, does not really know what our region is all about.