Wallonia has a long and distinguished tradition of cheese-making. Today, the cheeses of the region are numerous, varied and appetising.

Fleur des Fagnes, Bleu des Moines, Trou d’Sottai, Cassete de Beaumont, Boulette de Nivelles, Waterloo … the list of world-class Walloon cheeses is a long one. Many of them are associated with Abbeys that brew beer.

There’s a surprisingly wide variety of tastes and styles: soft, crusty, semi-hard, hard, blue and goats’ cheese. Each of them is a treat.

For a visit to a cheese-maker, see our selection of regional producers and artisans.

Herve Cheese 

A small square of great character, Herve cheese is the strong cheese of Wallonia. We know for certain that it dates back to the 12th century. Herve cheese, made from unpasteurised cow’s milk in the village of the same name, and then aged in humid caves, is often served with the unique Sirop de Liège. This succulent spread is a caramelised reduction of apples and pears, taken from the expansive orchards of the Hesbaye.

Go on a tour of the green plains of the plateau of Herve in the province of Liège, taste this delicious cheese or prepare good recipes on the spot.

At the Espace des Saveurs et Découvertes in Herve, you can learn about the heritage and enjoy the local products of the Herve region.

What to drink with a good cheese?

Some cheeses go well with red wine, but in Wallonia a beer of character is always accompanied by cheese, which emphasises some of the flavours and fragrances in the glass.

A large number of ‘Abbey cheeses’ are best enjoyed with a highly fermented beer.