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The Pays des Lacs route of flavours invites you to visit producers who would like to share with you their know-how and the quality of their produce.

Pleasant encounters and delicious tastings await you. This itinerary takes you to the regions of Chimay, Sivry- Rance, Beaumont, Thuin, Walcourt, Couvin and Viroinval.

With such varied landscapes and historical buildings, it’s a safe bet you’ll let yourself be seduced by the charms and savours of this beautiful land.

Producers to visit on your gourmand tour

The Solbreux Bakery in Beaumont

L'Espace Chimay: discover how Trappist beer is made

The Biercée distillery in Ragnies, famous for its eaux-de-vie and liqueurs

Vanlieff: an:artisanal chocolate shop in Chastrès

Homemade escavèche at "La Madeleine": a Chimay speciality

Recipe to try 

Cocktail Gin Biercée « Less is more » & Schweppes Agrum.


  • Escavèche de Chimay (cold preparation of cooked fish, with a vinegar sauce)
  • Boulette de Romedenne, Surice or Beaumont (fromage frais made with cow’s milk)
  • Chocolate delights from La Dacquoise in Gozée (Thuin)
  • Duck breast fillets and foies gras from the Ferme de la Sauvenière in Hemptinne (Florennes)
  • Beers from the Brasserie de Silenrieux
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