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Rendezvous for departure from Herstal for a 36km gourmand route which will guide you to the heart of the gastronomic heritage of Liege province. 

The Liege region is full of tastes and flavours. It can count on a number of producers and artisans who develop products which are a gourrmand's delight. 

The itinerary proposed by the Maison du Tourisme will enable you to discover some of the region's flagship products such as Liège syrup, the 'chique', the Liège waffle, pètèts and other chocolates. All this in the spirit of conviviality for which the region is renowned.

You can find many other producers listed in the Maison de Tourisme's gourmand directory.

Don't forget to leave some time for a cultural visit because Liège and its surrounds contain countless riches in museums, architectural heritage, historical sites and memorials.

Producers to visit on your gourmand tour

Charlemagne Chocolatiers, an artisanal chocolate factory in Herstal 

Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette 

Bonbons à l'Ancienne 

Distillerie L'Espérance Commerciale à Montegnée 

Siroperie Delvaux

Cooking recipe to test

To taste

  • Liege waffle
  • Liegeois coffee: cold dessert
  • Le peket: spirit known as 'le Genievre'
  • La bouquette: light crepe augmented by small dried raisins


Place Jacques Brel 8,4040Herstal
The information provided is an indication only. We advise you to inquire directly with the organisers of the event that interests you before you leave.


Minimum distance : 36 Km

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Discount vouchers