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Let’s go and admire the landscapes of the Ardennes and savour the gourmet delights of the Saint-Hubert Forest… and not just game during the hunting season!

This itinerary which starts at Redu “Book Village”, takes you to meet raspberry and saffron growers, but also producers of honey, cheeses, salt-cured meats like the famous dried sausage, Borquin de Saint-Hubert.

Be sure to visit other localities in the region and stop, for example, at the butcher’s shop at the K-Maboge de Libin farm or the Centre Marcassou at the Barrière de Champlon. This beautiful trip will also lead you to Sohier and Mirwart, two of “The Most Beautiful Villages in Wallonia”.

Producers to visit on your gourmand tour

La Framboiseraie: fruit picking in Redu

Safran de la Haute-Lesse

Domaine de Mirwart

Detention Centre Farm

The Table of Champions


  • Pain au lard (bacon bread) from Claude Pierrard, artisan baker in  Champlon
  • Chocolates from La Pause Chocolat-thé in  Libramont
  • La Chatte beer from the Brasserie des Tchèts
  • Tourteline de la Truite d’Argent in Wellin (puff pastry tart with trout and leeks)
  • Strawberry yoghurt drinks and other dairy products from the Ferme de Roncheury in Sohier
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