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Regional produce constitutes one of the most beautiful riches of the Meuse, Namur, Dinant region.

Cheeses, chocolates, wines, beers, fish, snails, salt-cured meats, fruit, honeys, juices, syrups, etc. – something for all tastes!

During this itinerary that will lead you along this lovely Meuse valley, you’ll be able to linger over a selection of local products and see how they are made thanks to a series of businesses that you can visit.

If you can extend your stay in the region, be sure to make a stopover at the many winemakers established here. Moreover, there is a wine trail that can be toured by bike.

Producers to visit on your gourmand tour

The Pont d'Amour ostrich farm in Sorinnes

Escargotière de Warnant

Le Safran de Patr'Ann, an exquisitely fragrant visit

The Strawberry Museum and the little fruit orchard

Recipe to try

Omelette œuf d’autruche du pont d’Amour et safran de Patr'ann


  • Pastries and the Wil’ball, a game you can eat, from Jean-Yves  Wilmot in  Mettet
  • Delahaut coffees in Namur
  • Homemade jams and jellies from Envie de goût in Maillen
  • Cheeses from the farms – Ferme de Chertin in Falaën or the Ferme d’en Bas in Sommière
  • Ice creams and sorbets from Lutins, Belgium’s best artisan ice cream maker, in Anthée
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