Food-loving Wallonia : it’s healthy, it’s good, it’s Walloon food

Wallonia is a land of welcome, transit and meeting places. Down the centuries it’s been criss-crossed by numerous invaders who have left their mark in different ways: on the language, on the convivial nature of the people, on the quirky comic books and surreal art, and on the table - the heart and soul of daily life.

The richness of its terroir, the creativity and know-how of its artisan producers and its sense of celebration combine to serve up exciting dishes with unique flavours.

Is there a better way to discover Wallonia … than on a food trail?

Following a gourmet trail is a delightful way to immerse yourself in the region’s culture, folklore and heritage. Choose from a selection of fascinating food-inspired itineraries and meet local producers. Beers, wines, chocolates, cheeses, even Belgium’s own whisky and champagne.

Not to mention the many farm outlets and shops selling regional produce.