American Cemeteries: Impressive Memorials

Wallonia counts many memorials and museums dedicated to the first and second world war. Those wishing to pay a special tribute to American soldiers having fallen while fighting for freedom can do so at two cemeteries in the south of Belgium:

American Cemetery and Memorial of Henri-Chapelle


A slight slope will bring you to the Henri-Chapelle military cemetery, where 7,992 American soldiers are buried. This WW2 and Battle of the bulge memorial also has a chapel and a visitor's area, framed with 450 plaques, each referencing a disappeared soldier.

The Esplanade overlooks the region beautifully.

Aubel will steal your heart from the very beginning... So will the countryside around, with its bocages and orchards.

American Cemetery and Memorial of Neuville-en-Condoz

The Ardennes American Cemetery can be found in the town of Neupré in Belgium. This site is part of 14 WW2 American cemeteries created outside the US. 5,327 American soldiers are buried in this particular one.

5,327 American soldiers are buried on this site, also known as the Ardennes American Cemetery. Visitors can also admire an impressive memorial (complete with a chapel and museum) featuring three giant murals depicting the Batte of the Bulge and the military operations having taken place in Europe.