Discover historic reconstructions, testimonies, archive documents, museums and iconic sites in Wallonia to better understand the impact of WW2 in the region.




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  • Spitfire Memorial Museum

    Spitfire Memorial Museum

    Located in the aerodrome buildings, the museum displays a 1944 MK XIV Spitfire as well as various aircraft that have figured prominently in the Belgian Air force. The museum also covers the history of the aerodrome and the squadrons that were based there.
  • Mardasson Memorial
    Bastogne - Mardasson

    Mardasson Memorial

    Inaugurated on July 16, 1950, the Mardasson war memorial celebrates the lasting friendship between Belgium and the US, brought together by their victory during the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944-January 1945.
  • The 'Battle of the Ardennes' Museum
    La Roche-en-Ardenne

    The 'Battle of the Ardennes' Museum

    The Battle of the Bulge Museum's impressive collections, spread over 3 floors, are fully dedicated to the history of the Second World War.
  • The 1940 French Cavalary Corps museum

    The 1940 French Cavalary Corps museum

    Led by General Blanchard, General Prioux' regiment was tasked to help organise the First Army. This event, which took place in May 1940, was the first WW2 battle with tanks.