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  • Cycling and Mountain Biking

Avenature is a wonderful opportunity to try a variety of extraordinary adventure sports, all at the same place. The challenges found their inspiration in the local folklore and take place in nature.

Sport for all

  • Tree top adventures
  • E-scooters
  • Mountain bikes
  • Discgolf
  • Gauswheel
  • Monkey climbing
  • Western games
  • Esacape room
  • GPS walks
  • Fun games
  • Robinhood expedition
  • The Monks' secret
  • CSI: the game

Practical information

  • Price/Duration: these depend on the activity chosen
  • Avenature is open all year, but booking is required
You may have heard Belgium has recently faced torrential rain, causing dramatic floods. Many regions have been touched by this natural catastrophe. We are doing our best to help all travellers coming to Wallonia. Some sites are, as you can understand, not accessible for the time being. Please contact them or check their website/social media platforms before getting on the road. Be assured we are all trying to get things back to order as soon as possible. Travel advice
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