Hiking along the Semois: discovering Bouillon

  • Château de Bouillon
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This tiring but magnificent 15 km walk will appeal to the hardened hiker. From a place called ‘Pic du Diable’ you have a wide view of the meanders of the river Semois, the deep forests and the l’Épine windmill. The section towards Corbion equally offers spectacular views. The way back to Bouillon will take you along small paths through broad-leaved forests, with, after the ‘Rocher de Pendu’, a magical over the countryside and Clairefontaine abbey.

Along the trail, why not visit the park of ‘The Arboretum’ with hundreds of hundred-year-old trees, and the ‘Ramonette’, the site of Bouillon’s first wooden fort.

Practical information

Departure: Château de Bouillon
Level: Difficult
Duration: 5h
Distance: 15 km

Route/Points of Interest

  • From the castle car park (S), the route (non-waymarked) takes you first to a small road to the right of the castle gate, towards the river.
  • The route turns left towards the road tunnel, then right on to a dirt track with GR white/red waymarks. Follow the red rectangles (No 2) along the S|emois as far as the ‘Halliru’ campsite (1).
  • By-pass this, cross the river on a small bridge, then continue towards the Semois on a stony path.
  • A little further on, you’ll need to cross two bridges (red rectangles No 2).
  • As you climb, the panel ‘Moulin de l’Épine’ at a crossing directs you to the right. You’ll find an attractive rest point on the riverbank.
  • Take the steep path towards the ‘Vue de l’Épine’. Once at the top, take a right towards the ‘Pic du Diable’ panoramic viewpoint (2).
  • Back on the main track, ignore the red rectangle No 2 signs and follow the wooden panel (‘Corbion 5km’) as far as a fork about 1km ahead. A smaller path (indicated by a panel) leads you to ‘l’Écaillère’ viewpoint (3).
  • Follow this path until it opens on to the main road and, further on, a covered rest area. There, a wooden panel a little below indicates the direction to Corbion.
  • Several hundred metres further on we join up again with Route No 2, marked with red rectangles.
  • Behind the farm, the trail becomes a small road which you follow as far as the N810.
  • Level with a field, the trail divides again. Turn left, then continue straight ahead. It leads to a lane which comes out at the N810. If you wish, you can eat or take a break here, as the main road leads to the right into the village (4).
  • The course of the walk itself turns left, following an agricultural road (wooden panel: ‘Rocher du Pendu/Sentier de Bouillon’) Eventually it reaches a Y-junction. To the left, it continues towards ‘Richer de Pendu’.
  • From the viewpoint of the same name, the trail turns right and climbs in a series of steep loops as far as the Semois and the ‘Halliru’ campsite.
  • After the river, the route heads right on a decent asphalt track (red diamond signs No 12).
  • Once you pass the campsite reception, the signs lead you higher in the direction of the ‘Arboretum’.
  • Having crossed the N810, the trail takes you to the ‘Monument des Fusillés’ then climbs into the forest. At the second fork, it takes a left and becomes a path which passes through the Arboretum (5).
  • Next it opens on to an asphalt track before dropping down to another fork with a wooden panel marked ‘Ramonette’. Stop following the signs here and turn left to climb again.
  • A little later, you will arrive at the ‘Ramonette’ viewpoint. The return circuit descends via a small, stony path to the N810 towards Bouillon.
  • Take the ‘Boulevard Vauban’ to get back to your starting point

Prepare your walk

Make sure you wear good hiking boots and comfortable walking shoes. Be careful if it has been raining: it can be slippery and tiring.

Always take some snacks and water with you.

Touristic attractions

Must do: have a picnic at one of the panoramic areas and visit the Tobacco Museum. At Corbion and Bouillon, several butchers offer the celebrated, delicious Ardennes ham.

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If you were to draw a straight line on an atlas northward from the Massif Central in France to the North Pole, the only area of high ground the line crosses is the Ardennes, shared between Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany – but mainly belonging to Wallonia, the southern part of Belgium!

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Maximum distance15 Km


Maximum duration5:00
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