The wild Ourthe : hiking along beautiful rocks, streams and Celtic remains

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The trail follows the path of the river Ourthe, offering gorgeous views over the water. The course consists mainly of a stony path, enabling you to discover the remains of the Celtic fortification known as ‘Le Cheslé’. At the top of the ramparts, you’ll have a magnificent view of the Ourthe countryside.

Practical information

Departure: parking of the Belvedere de Nadrin
Duration: 4-5h
Distance: 10 km

Route/Points of Interest

  • From the car park (S) start by going downhill then follow the signs with green bars on route No 6.
  • After a few metres, the trail forks. Experienced walkers and those who don’t suffer from vertigo can descend across the rocks (1) while others tend to opt for the road.
  • At the bottom, the trail continues to the right, downstream.
  • At the crossing ‘Les Ondes’ (panel) leave the ‘Barres vertes No 6’ route, cross the stream and take a left.
  • Follow the signs of the new Eisleck Trail (Escapardenne) ‘Blue wave’  where the course of the GR57 runs on a small path alongside the Ourthe as far as the peninsula known as ‘Le Cheslé’ (2), where several information panels and a bench with a magnificent view invite you to linger awhile.
  • Continue to follow the Eisleck Trail which snakes in the form of a rocky path behind some ancient fortifications offering one beautiful view after another.
  • At a crossing, however, leave the trail alongside a large information panel. For some time the circuit bends to the right on a wide forest track with no signage.
  • At the next junction, take a right turn up to a narrow track at the level of a very steep-sided valley.
  • At the right turn, take the path that leads to the left in order to follow once again the Eisleck Trail signs. Cross the stream at a ford. (PLEASE NOTE: this is another section of the Eislick Trail!)
  • Behind the Cheslé fortifications, it’s impossible to keep following the ‘Blue wave’ signs!) The narrow path on the other bank climbs up a very steep slope.
  • Once at the top, in a small clearing (3), the trail continues in a straight line before turning again to the right after a few metres. There, the ‘Blue wave’ signs lead you across a sparse forest to a place known as ’Laide Covée’, where it continues to the left.
  • After a short climb it heads to the right before bending again to the left after about 300 metres and descends sharply towards a young forest.
  • Cross the small stream ‘Onde’ and first keep left (climbing) on a wide farm track. After several metres, you will arrive at the ‘Au Vevi’ crossing.
  • Keep going straight ahead on a lovely country road and in a few minutes you’ll arrive in the vicinity of Nadrin. Here, the Eisleck Trail goes off to the left towards the centre of the village (tourist information).
  • To get back to the Belvédère car park, take a right into the rue de Hérou to return to your departure point. 

Prepare your walk

The path is accessible all year unless there has been floodings or really icy weather.

Make sure you wear good hiking boots and comfortable walking shoes. Be careful if it has been raining: some of the walk downs can be slippery and tiring. A walking stick will also help for the way up.

Always take some snacks and water with you.

Touristic attractions

After the walk, admire Nadrin’s Roman villa and enjoy a good meal in one of Nadrin’s many restaurants. One of them is ‘Chouffe’ (have a beer at the Brasserie d’Achouffe nearby) where a fine meal will make a perfect end to your day of walking.

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Information on the walk


Minimum distance9.5 Km
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