For the British visitor, driving through Wallonia’s scenic countryside on its uncongested motorways, trunk roads and well maintained country lanes is a throwback to another age. Remember when it was possible to drive from A to B without hitting a traffic jam? In southern Belgium, motoring is a stress-free pleasure, and being such a small region means that no two places are ever more than a couple of hours apart.

The spectacular, winding riverside drive/ride between Namur and Dinant is not to be missed, and dotted around Wallonia are 30 villages officially labelled as the most beautiful in the country, from Aubechies in the west to Wéris in the heart of the Ardennes. All these unspoilt villages are easily accessible by road. Sit back, relax and enjoy the experience. All you have to remember is to drive on the right!

Wallonia is also a magnet for motorsport fans and lovers of vintage cars and motorcycles, many of whom visit as members of owners’ clubs. Why not twin a scenic drive with one of the many motorsport events staged in Wallonia between March and October, including the glitzy F1 Grand Prix at Spa. The Classic Car event at Spa might appeal to car club members, while a group of friends on motorbikes might enjoy the trip even more if they time it to coincide with one of the Superbike or Classic Bike events at Mettet or Chimay circuits.

On four wheels or two, Wallonia is where you fall in love with the road again.