Petrol Heads – Wallonia Style: Bikes and Beers

The UK’s motorbike media 'MCN' (Motorcycing News) can’t get enough of Wallonia with features covering the Chimay Classic Race and another on a picturesque and historical route between Tournai and Chimay.

Explore Wallonia By Bike

The first article details a cultural and historical route between Tournai and Chimay, riding by the beautiful castle of Beloeil, stopping for a refreshing beer in the historical city of Mons lively Grand Place, staying the night in the stylish Martin's Dream Hotel and ending with a chilling woodland visit to see Hitler’s secret WW2 bunker where he plotted his last offensive against the allies.

For more information about the places mentionned in the article:

Bikes, Belgian Beer and Brilliant Racing. Classic's Chimay Has It All...

The second article charmingly penned by Neil Murray shares his experiences at the Chimay Classic TT event where can you find gallons of great beer, piles of chips and most importantly hundreds of fine motorbikes for one of the best racing weekends of the year. A superb, up close event where serious competition meets conviviality for a relaxed and exhilarating day out.

Leaf through MCN's Guide to Wallonia and start planning the perfect holiday

A ride through Wallonia is often like a ride through history, driving past castles, fortresses, battlefields and citadels. 

Whatever your destination, the following itineraries accompanied by beautiful countryside won't fail to raise your spirits and leave you loving Wallonia.