Walks in the Mirwart estate

  • Walking or hiking

There a 4 signposted itineraries to explore the Miwart estate and discover bridges, ponds, ice houses as you go along. Put your walking shoes on!

The park walk

The trail will take you through woodlands planted with broadleaved and coniferous trees. Wild boars live here, coming out mostly at night. You will find a few clues of their existence: prints on the ground, trenches where the animal love to bathe in mud, trees against which they rub vigorously, taking the bark away as they do...

Start: fish farm of the estate
Duration: 1h15
Distance: 4.2 km
Level: Easy
Drop: 116
Signs: Green rectangle

The old mill walk

There are two options to fully enjoy the beauty of the park's woodlands: one takes a paved road, the other sweet little paths. Half-way through the walk is a resting place with a kiosk and BBQs, perfect for a picnic.

Start: fish farm of the estate
Duration: 4h
Distance: 12 km
Level: Difficult
Drop: 285
Signs: Yellow cross

The ice house walk

From the fish farm, walk under the railway bridge and turn right. The itinerary starts behind the old mill and follows the stream used to bring water from the Lomme river to the wheel.

Start: fish farm of the estate
Duration: 1h20
Distance: 5 km
Level: Average
Drop: 149
Signs: Blue cross

The Marsoult walk

Le Marsoult, with its gentle water murmuring, is home to brown trouts, feeding on the river's small crustaceans and insect larvae. Follow the path going past the fish farm to find ponds by the sawmill and by the Artigues bridge. Further on are the Marsoult meadows ones, dedicated to young trouts.

Start: fish farm of the estate
Duration: 1h30
Distance: 5 km
Level: Easy
Drop: 95
Signs: Red triangle

Information on the walk


Minimum distance4.2 Km
Maximum distance12 Km


Minimum duration1:15
Maximum duration4:00
The information provided is an indication only. We advise you to inquire directly with the organisers of the event that interests you before you leave.