Looking forward to days out, enjoying nature and fresh air? Make the most of our stunning forests... You may have heard of a few cases of swine fever but these are contained to very specific areas detailed below. Woodlands in the South of Belgium are otherwise open to the public! Simply follow a few simple safety tips before, during and after your walk.

Simple requirements for forest walks


  • Stay on the existing paths
  • Keep your pets on a leash

Cyclists and horse riders

  • Stay on the designated paths

In a nutshell...

  • Please do not forage in the forest
  • If you see anything suspicious (a boar looking sick or weakened for example), do not touch it but call 1718
  • Place your litter in a bin onsite or take it home with you
  • Do not visit any farm (especially pig ones) within three days of a forest walk
  • Clean shoes and bikes with bleach after your walk

Areas closed to the public for now

These forests are not accessible for the time being:

  • the forest of Rulles
  • the forest of Neufchâteau
  • the Meix-devant-Virton woodlands
  • the Ardenne woodlands
  • the Grand Bois
  • the area between Virton, Aubange and Stockem
  • the area stretching from the north of  Stockem, Etalle et Tintigny
  • The forest of Chiny is only partially closed: many paths are still open for walks

The Portail de la Wallonie website offers:

Explore the region

Tourist offices in Wallonia will be delighted to share with you their favorite cycling, hiking and themed itineraries. There is so much to see in the South of Belgium!

Splendid landscape of the village of Torgny

La Gaume Maison du Tourisme

La Gaume is a delightful, sunny region in Wallonia. The Orval Abbey, Torgny, Montauban... are only some of the enchanting gems you will discover there.

The Haute-Sûre Forêt d'Anlier Maison du Tourisme

The Haute Sûre Forêt d’Anlier is the perfect destination for slow tourism. Located South East of the province of Luxembourg, at the edge of the Ardenne and the Gaume, it offers enchanting natural landscapes.

Cycling in Wallonia at the Grendel marshes in Attert

The Maison du Tourisme du Pays d'Arlon

The Pays d'Arlon (province of Luxembourg, south of Belgium) is at the crossroads of French, Belgian and German cultures. A fascinating region!

Château de Bouillon

Maison du Tourisme du Pays de Bouillon en Ardenne

The Bouillon area, in the heart of a large forest containing the river Semois, is calm and serene.

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