From a multi sensory meditation path in the grounds of an abbey to an underground walk displaying nature as the artist in a 300 million year old cave sculpted by the Eau de Noir river..  Wallonia takes you off the beaten track.

Visit some amazing places, extraordinary tourist attractions or lesser-known museums that invite you to view unique collections patiently gathered by enthusiasts.

You can stroll along magical or mysterious trails. Be amazed by unique artistic works and installations at every turn of your walk. And you can’t fail to admire the many scenic natural sites or the truly breathtaking landscapes.



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  • Reinhardstein castle | Ovifat
    Aerial photo of Reinhardstein Castle

    Reinhardstein castle | Ovifat

    Nestled in the eastern townships of the Haute s Fagnes, this castle from the 14th century overlooks Ovifat from the top of its peak.
  • BattleKart Mouscron

    BattleKart Mouscron

    Inspired by Super Mario and Mario Kart, BattleKart is the very first karting-gaming centre in the world.  There you can enjoy a virtual track, just as fun as if you were in a video game.