Choose a waterpark and go down its slides at full speed, go exploring with a kayak or canoe, cruise along the Meuse Valley, rent a permit-free electric boat, try rafting on the Ourthe or the Viroin... Refreshing adventures, either in or on the water, await in Wallonia!




Pets allowed

  • The Plopsa Coo theme park

    The Plopsa Coo theme park

    This family-friendly park offers a great balance of nature, fun and adventure. Take a trip back to prehistoric times at this fun park with aquatic dinosaur themes, water slides, roller coasters and attractions!
  • The Aqualibi aquatic park, a water fun adventure
    Enjoy a relaxing and fun day in the Aqualibi aquatic park in Wavre

    The Aqualibi aquatic park, a water fun adventure

    Aqualibi is a fantastic water theme park near Wavre, in Wallonia. Water at 29°C, thrilling attractions inspired by tropical places, fun slides, a wave pool and a bubbly time in a jacuzzi. It's the perfect day out with friends and family!