Fishing in Wallonia is a real dream - the region simply is enchanting. To do so, you will need a valid permit. It's quite simple: you can apply online and get the document by email.

Where to get a fishing permit in Wallonia

You can order your document directly on the website, in 5 straightforward steps. You will receive the confirmation by email. Alternatively, you can pick up the permit from a Belgian Post office when in Wallonia.

Advantage of the Access-i permit:
Fishermen with a parking card for people with disabilities can get a partial reimbursement.

To each his permit

There are 4 permits to choose from: 

  • Permit A - 12.39€ (valid for the year)
    Permit for day fishing from the bank with one or two lines and netting the fish out.
  • Permit B - 37.18€ (valid for the year)
    As permit A, day fishing for one or two lines from the banks or on the water (wading, boat, pier), day crayfishing for up to 5 lines, carp fishing by night.
  • Permis J -  free, for under 15 year olds only (valid for the year)
    Valid for a single line with a barbless hook, to be used from the bank and the use of one scoopnet for crayfish.
  • Permis T - 25€
    As permit B, valid for 14 days in a row

When can you fish?

There are 4 fishing seasons in Wallonia. You will need a valid permit for each:

  • Season 1: January 1st to the Friday preceding the 3rd Saturday in March
  • Season 2: from the 3rd Saturday in March to the Friday preceding the 1st Saturday in June
  • Season 3: from the 1st Saturday in June to September 30th
  • Season 4: from the 1st of October to December 31st

What you need to know about fishing in Wallonia

Are you a fishing enthusiast or an expert fisherman? Looking forward to practise or refine your expertise? Need information on:

  • Authorised fishing places and techniques
  • The best locations in the South of Belgium
  • The material needed to start
  • River fishing courses for beginners
  • The new legislation for fishing permits in Wallonia?

Then contact the Maison Wallonne de la Pêche who will share all the details with you.

Other useful addresses

Fishing and Hunting bureau

Avenue Prince de Liège 15, 5100
Jambes, Belgique
+ 32 81 33 58 50

Fishing department

Avenue Prince de Liège 15, 5100
Jambes, Belgique
+ 32 81 33 59 00

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