Espace Arthur Masson | Theatre in Treignes

  • Espace Arthur Masson and its audio-guided tour in Treignes
  • Espace Arthur Masson and its audio-guided tour in Treignes
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'Espace Arthur Masson, dedicated to the Belgian writer Arthur Masson, offers an original visit in the heart of the beautiful Viroin valley in Belgium.

The space and its itinerary show invite you to discover, through the work of Arthur Masson and its era, the Ardennes rural world from the 1930s to the 60s and the traditional language of the region: Walloon.

Its original décor immerses you in the atmosphere of a village square, located at the entrance of the village of Treignes. This charming square is lined with three buildings, the former schools of Treignes: the kindergarten, the school of the Filles and the school of the Boys, which houses the show-course.

Audio-guided tour

Do you know Trignolles and Toine Culot? These are Treignes and his maid, such as the immortalized Arthur Masson, the so-called Walloon Pagnol. The interior showcase invites you to travel back in time for 1h15 in the original atmosphere of this Ardennes village.

Dialogues in Walloon and audioguide in FR, NL, EN and DE.

The Espace also offers a one-hour group animation in a class of 1932 entitled "L'Ecole d'Autrefois".

Prepare your visit

If you come in a group, the course is open every day by reservation.

Duration visit + film: 1h15.

Last show-show 1 hour before closing time


Reduction for groups: 15 persons min. Free for children under 6. Combined price: +3€/adult or senior, +2.5 €/child per additional activity

Information on the walk


Minimum duration1:10



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