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Welcome to the Escale forestière... Now take off your shoes and enjoy this incredible path through the forest, meant to be walked on bare foot to focus on sensations.


Sentier Pieds Nus

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An exceptional path, to reconnect with nature.

  • In Pic’orée, a sensorial field at the entrance of the Bon-Secours forest, nature is best enjoyed bare foot, the best way to disconnect from the routine and daily stress. This is a wonderful opportunity to sharpen your senses on a 150 metres trail where every material feels like a new experience, an invite to revisit forgotten emotions, feel cold or humidity, softness or roughness.
  • There are, in total, 20 trays filled with natural (straw, reeds, sandstone, spruce cones, bark...) and surprising (pods, corks, billiard balls...) textures to discover, from 3 years of age.
  • The sections between trays also are sensory experiences - wooden planks, slaps of limestone rock, bamboo mats or even hollow trunks, structures made of wood, trunks covered in moss, tyre neatly lined. Not a second to get bored!

Learn about the forest

  • After the trail, visitors can learn about trees, mammals, birds, plants, mushrooms, small animals at the Explor’forêt interpretation centre.
  • The Bon-Secours forest, covering 1,000 hectares, is free to access and features 2 family trails (4 and 7 km).
  • Explore Escale Forestière, a playful, amazing show on the flora and fauna of the forest concluding on a virtual journey in a hot air balloon so see how beautiful the park is from above.

Riddles galore

There are 18 to solve along with fun activities, all about baby animals. These challenges, which are adapted for children from the age of 4, are perfect to do as a family.



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