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Upon inspection of the Citadel, Napoleon labelled it as “Europe’s Termite Mound” due to its extensive network of underground passages. Discover 500m of restored passages with an immersive-guided tour that will take you to the heart of the history of the Citadel’s entrails, through sound and light.

Along the way, 3D animations, projections and sound effects will reinforce and illustrate the guided commentary. This newly designed guided tour will take you inside the heart of the Citadel to better understand its history and that of its underground passages, but also to acknowledge the amount of work needed for such a construction.


The Terra Nova Visitor Centre

The Citadel of Namur opens onto 80 hectares of green spaces. Within easy reach of the town centre, it offers gorgeous viewpoints over the city and the Meuse valley. Its 7 km of underground tunnels make it one of the biggest fortresses in Europe.

Based in former barracks of Terra Nova, the Visitor Centre retraces 2,000 years of European urban and military evolution through the history of Namur and its citadel. This brings interesting opportunities to reflect on our world and society - past, present and future. You are more than welcome to discover the museum on your own or join one of the guided tours.

The Citadel Pass: 1 ticket, 3 visits

A wonderful way to make the most of your visit...

The advantage: 3 visits for the price of just one pass, 13€ per adult, 11€ for children/

This includes:

  • A sightseeing tour with the touristic train, complete with historical comments
  • A guided tour of the underground tunnels of the citadel

  • Access to the Terra Nova visitor centre

Guided tours available in English, Dutch and French.

Free for children under 6.





Citadelle Pass, 3 visits for 13€ in Namur

Visiting Namur? The Citadel Pass gives you access to interesting deals for the touristic train, the guided tour of the underground network and the solo visit of the Terra Nova visitors centre.

The museumPassmusées: free access to 172 Belgian museums for 59€

This exclusive pass, valid for a year, gives you free access to over 100 Belgian museums, Wallonia included.

Open on 30/10/2020
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