The Strépy-Thieu funicular lift, a river gem in Wallonia

  • Discover the Strépy-Thieu funicular lift, dominating the Canal du centre
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Located on the Canal du Centre, the Strépy-Thieu funicular lift is the second largest boat lift in the world and its 73.15 metres incline is quite impressive. An absolute must see if you are travelling through the Hainaut region: the experience will take you to the very top of this concrete giant, a 100 metres above ground.

Belgium's waterway network - 1,3500 tons in total - meant a new segment of the Canal du Centre had to be added, as well as a boat lift. This impressive construction is now open to the public.

Visiting the boat lift

Strepy Thieu is rich in discoveries. Expect an impressive machinery room, a superb panorama of the site and the region, animated scale models, interactive games and a movie presenting the construction and functioning of the equipment.

Waterways of the past, present and future

The interpretation centre, inaugurated in March 2019, includes an exhibition retracing:

  • the past: development of Belgium's waterways andits history in boatmaking
  • the present: the savings this means of transport represents, the imposing structures that go with them
  • the future: how will the actual waterway network be developed and used

Indulge in a boat cruise after your visit

Another experience awaits: crossing the 73.15 m water drop by boat (between May and the end of August, 4 departures every Sunday)

Visitors with specific needs

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