Here is a list of more than 200 local tourist offices, all officially recognised by the regional tourism authority.



  • Bouillon Tourist Office

    Bouillon Tourist Office

    Fancy exploring Bouillon, maybe even indulge in a guided tour but don't know where to start? The local tourist office will be delighted to share their tips with you.
  • East Belgium Tourist Office

    East Belgium Tourist Office

    Located at the edge of the border ith Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, the Eastern Cantons feature a wide variety of landscapes.
  • Durbuy Tourist Office

    Durbuy Tourist Office

    In 2007, Durbuy was awarded the title of "Best rural destination in Belgium"byt the European Commission.
  • Assesse Commune Tourist Office

    Assesse Commune Tourist Office

    The Assesse commune tourist office is located in Crupet, one of the prettiest villages in Wallonia. Its delightful 18th and 19th century buildings are sure to steal your heart...
  • Eupen Tourist Office

    Eupen Tourist Office

    Planning a stay in Eupen? The Tourist Office, located in the town centre, will be delighted to give you all the information you need.
  • Marbehan Tourist Office | At the crossroads of Gaume and Ardenne

    Marbehan Tourist Office | At the crossroads of Gaume and Ardenne

    Marbehan is located in the commune of Habay, at the heart of the province of Luxembourg.
  • Couvin Tourist Office

    Couvin Tourist Office

    Planning to visit Couvin? Trust the local tourist office to discover how much there is to do in the area!
  • Durbuy Tourist Office

    Durbuy Tourist Office

    Known as the smallest town in the world, Durbuy proves quite romantic with its sweet narrow streets and stone houses, nestled in a meander of the Ourthe river. A stunning way to discover the Belgian Ardenne!
  • Malmedy Royal Tourist Office

    Malmedy Royal Tourist Office

    Located by the Haute Fagnes nature reserve, the town of Malmedy proves ideal for active and terroir-inspired holidays. The Tourist Office team will be delighted to help you explore the region and answer your questions.
  • Royal Syndicat d'Initiative - Chaudfontaine Tourist Office

    Royal Syndicat d'Initiative - Chaudfontaine Tourist Office

    The Royal Syndicat d’Initiative (RSI or Royal Tourist Office) aims at promoting this exceptional town, its touristic sites and thermal water.
  • Liège Tourist Office

    Liège Tourist Office

    Welcome to Liège, one of Wallonia's most important cities, rich in historical, cultural and foodie gems...
  • Nivelles Tourist Office

    Nivelles Tourist Office

    Nivelles Tourist Office is located in Saintes, by the arcade of the same name near the Grand Place and its gem, the Saint Gertrude collegiate church.
  • Namur Tourist Office
    View on the citadel of Namur

    Namur Tourist Office

    Discover Namur, the capital of Wallonia.
  • Ath Tourist Office

    Ath Tourist Office

    Ath, also known as the City of Giants, is a delightful medieval city in the lush province of Hainaut, just 24 km from Mons.
  • VisitMons: Mons tourist office

    VisitMons: Mons tourist office

    Cultural capital of Wallonia since 2002, European capital of culture in 2015, Mons is by definition a town dedicated to creativity. ​​​​​​​Not only have three of the town's gems been listed by UNESCO (its belfry, the Neolithic Flint Mines in Spiennes and the Doudou festival), its many museums constantly evolve to prese
  • Tournai Tourist Office

    Tournai Tourist Office

    Tournai, in the province of Hainaut, is one of the oldest towns in Belgium. The city of 5 spires is proud of 2 monuments listed by UNESCO as world heritage. Let the city's tourist office, based near the cathedral, help you discover its many treasures.
  • Le Roeulx Tourist Office
    Le Rœulx

    Le Roeulx Tourist Office

    Le Roeulx and its many canals are rich with touristic sites and opportunities for walks, bike and horse rides.
  • Soignies Tourist Office

    Soignies Tourist Office

    European capital of the famous Blue stone, Soignies offers both the charm of a thousand-year-old town and of a delightful crown of luscious green nature areas...
  • Spa Tourist Office

    Spa Tourist Office

    Spa is such an iconic thermal town it gave its name to all spas! A candidate for UNESCO's world heritage, it can be listed proudly along iconic cities such a Bath or Vichy.
  • Thuin Tourist Office
    The belfry of Thuin, listed by Unesco

    Thuin Tourist Office

    Thuin is a semi-rural commune, at the confluent of the Sambre of the Biesmelle in the province of the Hainaut, well worth a tour for its medieval gems.
  • The Tourist Office of Fosse-la-Ville

    The Tourist Office of Fosse-la-Ville

    The Tourist Office of Fosse-la-Ville, at the very heart of the city, would be delighted to help you plan your stay in the region. The team will happily tell you about the local traditions (the Napelonian marches, for example), range if events taking place and terroir products.
  • Andenne Tourist Office

    Andenne Tourist Office

    Funded in the 7th century by Begge, Andenne boasts a rich past, reflected in its architecture and pretty streets. A few of the iconic sites well worth a detour: the Sainte-Begge collegiate church, the Scladina cave, the Espace Muséal d’Andenne dedicates to ceramics and local archaeolo
  • Stavelot Tourist Office

    Stavelot Tourist Office

    Located by an abbey, Stavelot is a charming, well preserved 18th century town, listed exceptional heritage of Wallonia. Its tourist office will be delighted to welcome you warmly and help you discover the region's many gems.
  • Viroinval Tourist Office

    Viroinval Tourist Office

    Discover Viroinva in the province of Namur, South of the Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse region: a real paradise for hikers.
  • The Braine-le-Château Tourist Office

    The Braine-le-Château Tourist Office

    This Tourist Office found its home in the Maison du Bailli, a listed building which oldest parts date to the beginning of the 16th century.
  • Bomal Tourist Office

    Bomal Tourist Office

  • Stoumont Tourist Office

    Stoumont Tourist Office

  • Walcourt Tourist Office

    Walcourt Tourist Office

  • Neufchâteau Tourist Office

    Neufchâteau Tourist Office

    Neufchâteau Tourist Office will be delighted to tell you more about the touristic activities, events and lodgings in the region.
  • Chassepierre Tourist Office

    Chassepierre Tourist Office

    Nestled in a green valley by the Semois river, Chassepierre is considered one of the prettiest villages in Wallonia. It ihas been nicknamed the Artists' village for its many art galleries and annual Street Arts festival
  • Hamois tourist office

    Hamois tourist office

    Hamois Tourst Office aims at welcoming visitors to the Condroz region and help them discover its many gems.
  • Inforville Tourist Office

    Inforville Tourist Office

  • Bertogne Tourist Office

    Bertogne Tourist Office

  • Florenville Tourist Office

    Florenville Tourist Office

    Florenville is located in Gaume, at the edge of the Ardenne, and counts 7 communes sure to delight nature lovers.
  • Houffalize Tourist Office

    Houffalize Tourist Office

    Houffalize, located in Ardenne (Province of Luxembourg), will delight both nature and history lovers. There you will get to learn more on the Battle of the Bulge and enjoy stunning hikes and green spaces.
  • Syndicat d'Initiative de Trooz

    Syndicat d'Initiative de Trooz

  • Musson Tourist Office

    Musson Tourist Office

    This sweet little municipality in the Gaume region gathers several villages: Musson, Baranzy, Genevaux, Signeulx, Mussy-la-Ville and Willancourt.
  • VisitWavre


    VisitWavre, located on the ground floor of the town hall, promotes tourism in Wavre and its region.
  • Vresse-sur-Semois tourist office

    Vresse-sur-Semois tourist office

    The Vresse-sur-Semois Tourist Office will welcome you warmly stop by to learn more about the region, beautifully nestled in the Ardenne.
  • Anthisnes Tourist Office

    Anthisnes Tourist Office

    Step inside the Château de l'Avouerie to find the local tourist office and learn more about Anthisnes and its region.
  • Vallée de la Haute-Sûre Tourist Office (Martelange)

    Vallée de la Haute-Sûre Tourist Office (Martelange)

    The Martelange Tourist Office is located at the heart of the ​​​​​​​Haute-Sûre nature park. and the Anlier forest. Its passionate team can help with:
  • Chaumont-Gistoux Tourist Office

    Chaumont-Gistoux Tourist Office

  • Tubize Tourist Office

    Tubize Tourist Office

  • Gedinne Tourist Office

    Gedinne Tourist Office

    The Gedinne Tourist Office will welcome you warmly to this delightful municipality, nestled in the picturesque, appeasing Houille Valley.
  • Cerfontaine Tourist Office

    Cerfontaine Tourist Office

  • Hastière-Sur-Meuse Tourist Office

    Hastière-Sur-Meuse Tourist Office

    The Hastière-sur-Meuse Tourist Office will be delighted to help you with all the information you need to plan your stay along the Meuse river.
  • La Calamine Tourist Office
    La Calamine

    La Calamine Tourist Office

    La Calamine, with its amazing, luscious nature sites and German style charm, proves ideal for a stroll or a family holiday.
  • Gembloux tourist office

    Gembloux tourist office

    Gembloux is a sweet little town in the Province, with a wide range of activities to enjoy.