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Fascinated with motorbikes? The latest exhibition of the Musée de la vie wallonne is Liège is sure to get your engines roaring...

Not just a passion: a lifestyle

Beyond the machines themselves, and the feats of engineering they represent, motorcycling grew into a distinct way of life with its own communities of men and women, its own codes and values all centred around a common ideal: freedom/

Belgium, and this area of Liège particularly, played a significant role in the development of motorcycles in the first half of the 20th century.

The motorcycling exhibition

  • See models built by iconic manufacturers of that era (Saroléa, FN, Gillet...)
  • Discover the pioneers of motorcycling and its early champions
  • Learn how the biker spirit emerged
  • Admire legendary motorcycles


Musée de la vie wallonneRue des Mineurs,4000Liège
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From Saturday 04 July 2020 to Sunday 04 April 2021.

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