Giampaolo Amoruso, Umanita poetica | An exhibition at the Glass Museum

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  • Exhibition
From Saturday 19 September 2020 to Sunday 07 February 2021.

Don't miss the Giampaolo Amoruso, Umanita poetica exhibition at the Glass Museum (Bois du Cazier, Marcinelle) ...

An artist...

  • Born in 1961 in Boussu, in a family originally from Sicily, Giampaolo Amoruso starts at the age of 15 as an apprentice glassblower at the Cristalleries de Boussu.
  • There he learns to experiment with glass and realises he can express his creativity through this media
  • He trains, signs up for competitions and has is first exhibition in Brussels in 1987
  • In 192, he sets up his first workshop in Boussu

And dolls...

Using his glassblowing technique, the artist makes his first dolls.

Famous internationally, these characters make a colourful family and offer a cheerful interpretation of humanity.

Armuroso infuses movement, happiness, vivacity and positive energy in his creations.


From Saturday 19 September 2020 to Sunday 07 February 2021.


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