Goulag | An exhibition at the Cité Miroir de Liège

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  • Exhibition
From 20 May to 31 August 2020.

This exhibition at the Cité Miroir de Liège presents the world of goulags: extremely organised incarceration camps created by Stalin in the Soviet Union. Used as corrective work camps, they saw millions of citizens between 1929 and 1953. Men, women, children alike... Present all over the country, goulags were built within cities and in icy Siberian plains alike.

The exhibition features

  • Sketches made when in the goulag
  • Photos
  • Arrest documents
  • Labour regulations
  • Political newspapers
  • Details about daily life

Please note booking (which can be done online) is mandatory.


From 20 May to 31 August 2020.


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