The El Algar treasure | An exhibition at the Préhistomuseum (Flémalle)

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  • Exhibition
From Friday 25 October 2019 to Sunday 30 August 2020.

This exhibition presents a fascinating Spanish civilisation, El Algar, which thrived in Spain.

4,000 years ago

  • 3 pyramids in the Egyptian desert
  • The imprissive Ur Ziggurat dominating Irak
  • The luxurious stone palace in Cnossos stretchng over  10,000 m² in Crete

And in Western Europe

Small rural settlements and stone houses... except in South-East Spain. There appaears a powerful cicilisation of metal workers, who will create the very first state in Western Europe. Yes, you guessed right: El Agar. The Prehistomuseum will highight what we know about it as well as why it was forgotten through time.

The exhibition

Excavations uncoveedgraves which content highlight an inegalitarian society and the role of money as a symbol of power. Archeologists see in this an elite wh would - through their physical, technological and ideological superiority - imposed their codes over a  33,000 km². territory.


From Friday 25 October 2019 to Sunday 30 August 2020.


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