The sun and the set | A Latifa Echakhch exhibition at the BPS22

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  • Exhibition
From 01 February to 16 August 2020.

Known for her paintings, sculptures and installations, Moroccan artist Latifa Echakhch presents her latest creations at the BPS22. Called "The sun and the set", the exhibition features materials and objects with an historical or emotional meaning to the artist, reduced to silence either by being destroyed, erased or covered.

The galleries will display artworks created especially for the museum as well as signature ones, focusing on loss, abandon and prints left on life.

While Latifa Echakhch's work is often described as romantic, poetic, even, here she goes back to her roots: a time when industrial revolution bloomed, forcing artists to question their blind faith in progress.



From 01 February to 16 August 2020.


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