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The Procession of the Car d'Or is 658 years old and has been recognised as a masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Lowering Saint Waudru reliquary

Waudru, the founder of the city, is said to have stopped a plague epidemy in Mons. A touching ceremony pays tribute to her on the Saturday evening, in the collegiate church named after her. The Dean then trusts the relics of the saint to the Mayor.

The procession and the Car d'Or

On Sunday, from 9.45 am, the relics are placed on the Car d'Or (gilded carriage) and walked through the city. At midday, thousands will help push it up the steep slope going to the top of the hill. It has to be done in one go or misery might fall on the city...

Saint Georges and the dragon

After the procession, an enormous crowd gathers in the main square of Mons to watch St George on horseback fighting and slaying the dragon, each helped by many allies. Expect beautiful costumes and waves and waves of cheering.

This medieval performance symbolises Good triumphing over Evil.

The Doudou is...

  • A ritual Ducasse: a recognised Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity
  • A festive Ducasse: concerts, a Military Music festival, lantern procession...
  • The little Lumeçon: a mini version in which children can join.
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