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Taking a stroll through Wallonia's stunning woodlands, very few realise there is a whole team of professionals taking care of these natural landscapes. Why not join this event in October 2019 and meet some of these fully dedicated individuals and share their passion?

Make the most of your stay in the Ardenne and discover its fantastic forests. There will be many fun workshops organised by passionate people along these 2 days, both for children and adults:

  • guided or solo tours
  • sport activities
  • forest inspired tastings
  • and many more surprises

What's new this year

Don't miss the wooden construction trail and vote for your favourite one. Even better, both companies and artisans will open their door to the public: a fantastic opportunity to learn about their skills, techniques and creativity,

A magical world

Arduinna, the goddess of the Ardenne forests and its fauna, will guide you through her enchanted universe and show you the many lives wood can have and show you secret gems in the woodlands.

Spend a memorable weekend in the Ardenne forests: many surprises await.


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From Friday 15 to Sunday 17 October 2021.

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Discount vouchers