The Fête à Béria: a flokloric tradition in Quevy-le-Petit

  • Demonstration
From Friday 04 to Monday 07 September 2020.

The village of Quevy-le-Petit brings the legend of Béria, Thiméléon et Philibert back to life every summer. Folkloric traditions are still very much alive in Wallonia!

Béria: who is this mysterious character?

The legend goes back to the 18th century. Béria, a famous villain, leader of a group of thieves, was arrested in this village. To commemorate the event, characters made of straw appear throughout the Quevy-le-Petit, each with a different face and style...

Adventure, folklore and mysteries will be part of the celebrations.


From Friday 04 to Monday 07 September 2020.
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