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Brandsport organises adventure sports activities, lessons and teambuilding sessins near La Roche en Ardenne (Belgian Luxembourg).

The stunning setting of the Ardenne, with its valleys, forests, rivers, caves and rocks is a wonderful playground.

Most of the activities organised are around the inn La Laiterie, nestled in the village of Mierhamps. The company also offers sessions with horses bred and trained by  Lenie Krijgsman.

Adventure sports and team buildings

Pushing your limits, improve communication and team spirit... is all part of the offer. Brandsport can organise kayaking and rafting, roping and treet trail adventures, mountainbiking, climbing, abseiling, zipwiring, archery. cave exploring, family adventures, workshops for children and more.

Exploring the non-verbal approach with horses

It's all about body language rather than words. The Mousny sites has trained its horses along this concept and can take on fantastic horseiding hikes.


Closed on 01/03/2021
Route de Mièrchamps 15,La Roche-en-Ardenne
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