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Visit one of the largest and most beautiful fortresses in the Ardenne, the castle of Reuland, nestled in an exceptional green setting. Take a stroll through the ruins and the renovated 9th century building. Even Emperor Charlemagne stayed there.

Enjoy a wonderful journey through time and explore this amazing medieval castle, recently renovated.


It is thought the castle was built to protect the city of the devastating raids by Normand (9th century) and Hungarian troops in the 10th century.

The county became the duchy of Luxembourg and had its golden era in the 13th and 14th century, when its sovereigns inherited the title of Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire of Germany. At the time and all the way to the Ancien Régime, the duchy of Luxembourg stretched from the Lorraine to the heart of the Hautes-Fagnes, thus including the medieval estate of Burg-Reuland

The fortifications were modified from one century to the next, to improve the castle's protections from heavy artillery. They were finally destroyed by the French during the Revolution.

The ruins now belong to the town, who restored the edifice. The castle’s collection showcases artefacts from the Middle Ages, found during archaeological excavations.

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