The fascinating megaliths of Wéris

  • Come visit the Museum of Megaliths and megalithic site of Wéris
  • Come visit the Museum of Megaliths and megalithic site of Wéris
  • Come visit the Museum of Megaliths and megalithic site of Wéris
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  • Official classification of an attraction in Wallonia - 2 suns
  • Monument

The rows of megaliths in Wéris add a surreal touch to the landscape. Such a sight is so unexpected… and yet, they have been placed there 3,000 years BC. 

This incredible alignment of dolmen and menhirs in Wéris, made of slabs of conglomerate stone (nature’s version of concrete) dates back to the Neolithic era. Well anchored in the ground, this 8 km row of standing stones is quite unique in Belgium. They prove so impressive some have been nicknamed: Bayard’s front step, the devil’s bed…

Make sure you stop by the nearby village, Wéris, considered one of the prettiest in Wallonia.

Practical information

The Maison des Mégalithes, on site, retraces the history of these curious stones, how they are thought to have been brought there and will telle you more about the men who made them, considered the be first farmers of the Neolithic period.

You can even try the Domenius beer, an amber brew only available at this museum

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