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Forget dusty, boring museums. There are many to discover in Wallonia, each with its own universe, its own atmosphere. Some are vibrant, others quirky or immersive. All are incredibly welcoming, aiming at making learning fun. Exploring them is a pure delight, whether you are coming on your own, with family or friends.





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  • Aqua Mundo: a fantastic water park in Vielsalm

    Aqua Mundo: a fantastic water park in Vielsalm

    Aqua Mundo is a fantastic water park in the Center Parcs Les Ardennes (Vielsalm), perfect for a fun and relaxing day.
  • The Outsider Ardennes: an adventure park in Hamoir

    The Outsider Ardennes: an adventure park in Hamoir

    The Outsider Ardennes invites you to join their various sites in the Ourthe Valley (Hamoir, Comblain-Fairon, Comblain-la-Tour et Comblain-au-Pont) and try one of the many activities on offer.
  • Maison du Parc-Botrange
    Take a stroll through the Haute Fagnes Natural Park in Eifel

    Maison du Parc-Botrange

    Located on the highest site of the country, between the Fagnes plain and forest crossed by mountain streams, the Maison du Parc-Botrange welcome visitors in their quest to reconnect with outdoors activities and discover the largest Nature reserve in Belgium.
  • The Ahinvaux estate (Yvoir)
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    The Ahinvaux estate (Yvoir)

    The Anhivaux estate offers a range of activities and quality infrastructures in the Bocq valley. Hikes, donkey rides... There is something for the whole family.
  • The Nisramont lake and dam (La Roche-en-Ardenne)

    The Nisramont lake and dam (La Roche-en-Ardenne)

    The Ardenne enjoys amazing natural sites, the lake of Nisrasmont for example. Perfect for hikes and water fun... Make sure to visit the dam too.
  • Domaine de Mirwart
    Domaine provincial de Mirwart

    Domaine de Mirwart

    This stunning estate near Saint-Hubert offers nature-lovers a wealth of green spaces, stretching over 1,350 hectares. The two streams, lined with willows and maple trees are perfect excuses for walks and picnics.
  • Packcrafting by and on the Ourthe
    6660 Nadrin (Houffalize)

    Packcrafting by and on the Ourthe

    Wondering what packcraft is? A mix of hiking and sailing fun! You can now enjoy this activity in the Ardenne, right in the Two Ourthes nature Park (near Narin and the beautiful Hérou site)