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Forget dusty, boring museums. There are many to discover in Wallonia, each with its own universe, its own atmosphere. Some are vibrant, others quirky or immersive. All are incredibly welcoming, aiming at making learning fun. Exploring them is a pure delight, whether you are coming on your own, with family or friends.





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  • The visitor centre of the Vesdre Dam - Eupen

    The visitor centre of the Vesdre Dam - Eupen

    Located at the confluence of the Vesdre and the Getzbach in Eupen, this dam is the third reservoir of potable water in Belgium. On its side, the visitor centre offers a stunning view of the construction and nearby woodlands.
  • Jemappes communal park (Hainaut)

    Jemappes communal park (Hainaut)

    This stunning park is only a few minutes walk away from the town centre of Jemappes, a sweet village in the Hainaut. Its 20 hectares are a pure invite for strolls.
  • The Domaine provincial de Wégimont

    The Domaine provincial de Wégimont

    This charming leisure center is nestled in a 22 hectares park planted with trees and flowers, near the Herve plateau.