Ludd's anger: an exhibition at the BPS22 in Charleroi

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  • Exhibition
From Saturday 19 September 2020 to Sunday 03 January 2021.

Ludd's anger is an exhibition gathering 40 artists. Their creations, recently acquired by the Province of Hainaut, will be on show at the BSP22 in Charleroi.

Inspired by the concept of dispossession, the pieces chosen express unrooting, occupation, destruction, invasion, exhaustion but also resistance and attachment. These feelings are presented in a romantic, poetic, political, sometimes cruel way as they would have been experimented in real life,

What to see at the exhibition?

Local and international artists will present through paintings, sculptures, videos, photographs, installations, tapestries... how human bodies are instrumentalised. This covers themes such as slavery, colonisation, apartheid, capitalist alienation, immigration and asylum politics, sex and gender norms...

The exhibition also highlights acts of refusal and challenge when faced to dispossession.


From Saturday 19 September 2020 to Sunday 03 January 2021.


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