Maison du Tourisme du Pays de Charleroi

  •  Come and discover the Museum of Photography in Charleroi (Mont-sur-Marchienne)
  • Explore Boid du Cazier in Marcinelle, a former mining site listed by UNESCO
  • Panoramic view of the belfry (UNESCO) Saint-Christophe church in the town of Charleroi
  • Gourmand Wallonia as a couple. Enjoy the ambience of Rue Dampremy in Charleroi, Hainaut
  • Tourist office

The Charleroi area, industrial heritage. Black in the past, Charleroi has been transformed with colour.

Charleroi is a surprising city: a richly Art Deco City Hall, museums, green spaces, facades displaying the arabesques of Art Nouveau ... Cradle of the Comic strip with the school of Charleroi and the Dupuis, Charleroi doesn't take itself too seriously.

You must visit the Museum of Photography in Mont-sur-Marchienne to admire the profusion of original images. A memorial is dedicated to the mining catastrophe at the Bois du Cazier on 8 August 1956.

The Tourist Office of the Pays de Charleroi invites you to discover the communes of Aiseau-Presles, Charleroi, Châtelet, Courcelles, Farciennes, Fleurus, Gerpinnes, Les Bons Villers and Pont-à-Celles.

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